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We opened “The Highwayman Ink” in 2013. Just South of Sulphur Springs,Texas on Hwy 19 South.  The name of our shop “The Highwayman Ink” came from a semi truck we purchased in 2011 and it fits us well. It is a ONE of a kind mobile tattoo parlor. The truck was in a TV show in the late 80′s called “The Highwayman” . So for us to be Tattooing and Traveling up and down the highways we couldn’t of ask for a better name for our shop , just slap Ink on the end.   We’ve been  restoring this crazy monster of a machine since we purchased it , so it will not be long till were crossing the nation attending events, fund raisers , conventions , ect… Putting on a show like no other . So be sure and leave a comment of any event in your area that would like us to tattoo at. “If we can drive there we want to come there”



28 thoughts on “Home”

  1. How late do yal stay open, most likely on Thursday night? Thursday my bday and Id like to come get a new tat but I work til 930 in Winnsboro.

  2. Love the Website, The Highwayman was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Would love to see them do a remake.

  3. It was very cool truck to say the lease. It was nice to see you guys at the Texas Motor Speedway this St. Patricksday weekend.

  4. Hey my brother died yesterday and I am wanting to get a tattoo in the same place he did, it’s a Zelda trigger (the one that doesn’t have wings) and was wondering how much it would cost.

  5. If anyne is wanting to get there first tattoo this is the place to get it. Or even a new tattoo. The Highwayman Ink industries is gonna make it far in this world. Good luck to yall guys!!

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